Free Shipping In Canada!!!


On all domestic Purchase Orders having a NET value of $1500 or greater…

All Molded and FABRICATED products!!!


How do we qualify to take advantage of this offer?
• Place your (NET $1500 or greater) PO with our North Bay Ontario office during the calendar month of May 2015 and your product will be shipped *standard ground to your location at NO COST to you!
• “Off Shore” & “remote” Destinations will be included at the SOLE discretion of *RPI (NFLD, Vancouver Island, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Fort McMurray) and will be decided “case by case” based on the individual project in addition to the destination.
• EXPEDITED (Air or other) shipments are NOT included.
• This offer DOES INCLUDE Electrofusion Processors!!
• Wherever there is any issue, *RPI Standard Terms & Conditions shall govern the action taken.
• Drop Shipments will be included at the at the SOLE discretion of *RPI (may be excluded for various reasons related to cost).
• Wherever possible, Standard Ground Shipments will be consolidated. Broken shipment orders (at request of the customer) MAY be included but ONLY at the SOLE discretion of *RPI.

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Please visit us at: for more details! Happy PE Shopping!! We are glad that we can help…as you grow, we grow.

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Jeoff Lennox
Vice President – Sales & Marketing