Grow With Us !

Our sincere thanks to everyone within your organizations for helping RPI achieve a tremendous start in 2014 ! As we’ve said from the beginning : ” RPI cannot GROW without YOU so we hope that you choose not to GROW without us!!” We are your PE industry PARTNERS and we take that very seriously. I can promise you that EVERY SINGLE DAY we are working on becoming a bigger part of the solution for you.

If you haven’t already done so, please click the link here to follow Rahn Plastics on LinkedIn…why not? Read up on our ongoing Industrial “RPI Dollars” program aimed at giving you instant value in return for your support of our Proudly Canadian TEAM. Nobody offers that kind of tangible ” everyday reward” for your loyalty…nobody.

We have added so many GREAT products & services to our profile which support our core (CSA listed, for example) Fittings: DR7/DR6…even DR5 in some cases…MJ Adapters/Kits,EF Couplings 1/2 ” CTS through 48” IPS, Rings: DI/Epoxy Coated/SS/PP encapsulated…we’ve got fusion equipment & more FABRICATED capability than we have ever historically offered. Our standard deliveries are AWESOME and nobody will work harder to make them what you need them to be if they ever lag. Why not give us a call and see just how competitive we can be for you?

Do you know someone out there who may like to represent RPI within North America, or perhaps a company that you would like to see represent RPI? Ask them to visit our website or click here.

Rahn Plastics is no longer simply ” the little guys who make small diameter molded socket & butt fittings”. Our promise is that we’ll always be small enough to work harder than any of your other options BUT we are striving to become “lb for lb industry LEADERS”. YOU are driving this ship…so please keep bringing us your problems and we’ll keep working on the answers.

Best Regards,

Jeoff Lennox

Vice President – Sales & Marketing