Positive Progressions at RPI Because of You!

On behalf of our entire TEAM at *RPI…we wish you all a very lucrative Construction Season as we get things kicked off here in 2014!

This is a quick & simple message just to remind you of a few IMPORTANT notes regarding all of the positive progressions at Rahn Plastics Inc…we want to serve you better than ever and we are ready to do just that…

• Did you know that we have SOLD thousands (1000’s) of Electrofusion Couplings (ranging from 2” – 48”IPS) over the past year and we have not had one (not 1) reported failure. We are confident that you will LOVE our EF products or we would not be attempting to sell them…Quality means everything to us at RPI and we know that we offer very competitive pricing. Why not give us a try and see how we do?
We have a FANTASTIC new processor that will retain up to 10,000 fusions in memory, weighs only 35lbs, utilizes “gun scanner” technology (versus wand) AND offers GPS capability to within 2.5 Meters. In addition to all of that, it is equipped with USB/Thumb drive for downloading records in the field. It’s tough and robust…do you need a processor? Why not try this one?
• Is your company taking advantage of the TREMENDOUS savings we offer with our RPI Reward Dollars Program? Why not? Nobody in our Industry has a program like it and it can only make you more profitable.
• Are you aware that our STANDARD Payment Terms are 2% NET 15 Days? We offer LOTS of options for timely payment to help you put this INSTANT REBATE in your pocket…these include electronic transfers & credit cards.
• Are you following Rahn Plastics Inc on LinkedIn? Why not stay up to date with our *new product announcements and technology advancements…
• Keep visiting us here at www.rahnplastics.com every week!  This is the easiest way to stay up to date with all of the changes that we are making to become a BETTER Partner for you. We appreciate your support and your loyalty to our Canadian Made Products and Services.
–  Hey – we LOVE our American Friends but if they can save money they do…why should we be any different? No duties, NO Brokerage Fee’s, NO potential for Border delays…it’s in STOCK and it’s here in Canada.

Once again, my colleagues and I at Rahn Plastics hope that you have a GREAT summer and we sincerely appreciate your continued support!

Best Regards,

Jeoff Lennox
Vice President – Sales & Marketing