Rahn Plastics Inc PE PRODUCT Announcement: Double “O” Ring Service Punch Tees

My colleagues and I at *RPI are very pleased to be able to communicate another advancement on our “To Do” checklist during this calendar year 2013…and, this time, it is with our very valued North American Natural Gas Industry Partners in mind.


The strategic addition of our Double “O” Ring variation PE2708 Service Punch Tee is scheduled for RELEASE into production before the end of calendar year 2013.  We want to invite you to contact us ASAP in order to schedule your prototypical product shipment for Engineering review and perhaps to update your forms with additional product information (such as new part #’s, descriptions, etc) for bid purposes.  We are pleased to convey that the product will be going into stock early 2014 in order to facilitate any North American Utility Evaluations as required & propel the advanced Utilities approvals process.  We can certainly confirm that the product will meet and/or exceed appropriate industry standards (as it always has) and be labelled accordingly as such.  The product will be submitted to CSA for formality Listing in December 2013 and we look forward to receiving your positive customer feedback in 2014.  We hope that the addition of a second “o”ring will be uniformly interpreted as a product advancement and that our markets served will receive it well.  In the meantime, we do want you to know that our standard (CSA Listed) Service Punch Tee design will remain available from our shelves for a “crossover time period” sufficient enough to bridge the gap of CSA Listing in addition to your integral & respective Utility Approvals.



We thank you for your continued support and your loyalty to all of our Proudly Canadian Made products and services offered.   

Best Regards,

Jeoff Lennox

Vice President – Sales & Marketing