Rahn Visits Austria

Rahn conducted a surveillance audit of Agru Austria’s Quality Management System as it relates to ISO 9001:08 in late May this year. The audit team was welcomed and treated very well during our stay. Agru Austria has five plants, four QC Departments, 90+ silos of resin, employs approximately 500-600 employees and produces over 20,000 standard products.

Resin trucks pull up to the QC lab and hand over a sample and it is immediately examined under a range of tests before they can unload their resin. 80″+ pipe is extruded and stored upright in order to avoid ovality and their warehouse is a technological wonder as the operator is whisked 80 meters into the air to pick product for shipment.

A solid QC system, advanced manufacturing capabilities and error-free shipping ensures customer satisfaction and on-time deliveries. It is our pleasure to deal with Agru and we hope this relationship grows as Rahn continues to improve production, tooling and breaking into new markets with new products.