RPI Dollar Rewards Program coming to an end.

Dear RPI Dollar Reward Recipients,
Thank you for your continued loyalty to RPI and our reward dollar program.
We launched the RPI Dollar program in October 2013 for all of our North American customers, and we’re grateful for all of the support that our customers have provided with regard to using their dollars to save on RPI purchases.
In order to focus on planning for the future development of RPI by always looking for ways to provide a superior product at competitive prices, we’ve decided to wind-down the RPI dollar program. We are deeply thankful to our customers for being a part of the program for the past two years.
RPI will continue to offer promotions and specials geared to increase your growth while helping us to grow as well. For now, please continue to visit us here at www.rahnplastics.com as well as our company page on Linked In for upcoming news and information.
RPI dollars will continue to accumulate until September 30th. All qualifying RPI dollars can be redeemed up until October 31st. All RPI dollars will be deleted when the reward program accounts are closed on November 1, 2015.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program or your RPI Dollar account total please contact us at 1-888-433-0111.
Thank you again for your loyalty to RPI.
Best Regards,
Jeff Gilligan
Sales Operations Manager
Proudly Celebrating 25 Years in Business!!!