Welcome Scott Hern

www.rahnplastics.com – January 5, 2014

It is with great PRIDE that we announce the Hiring of Scott Hern. Scott has accepted the role of Fabricated Fittings Division Manager within Rahn Plastics Inc.’s North Bay, Ontario facility.

Scott comes to us from the Ontario Polyethylene industry…he began working with the product in 1990 and, since that time, he has gained integral experience in various “handling” roles & capacities including: thermal Fusion Technician, Shipping/Warehouse & FAB Fittings Fusion Manager. It is important to note that his resume includes ONLY 1 (24 year) stop, so Scott is clearly a valuable & loyal addition to the Rahn Plastics TEAM and we are certainly glad to have him for the second half of his career.

In terms of exposure to large scale PE Projects, Scott has been involved with too many to mention herein but suffice it to say that he has successfully fused PE Pipe in high profile project environments from ½” CTS – 63” IPS diameter. He is well aware of the appropriate industry Standards governing the use of Polyethylene. His experience has spanned the province geographically but he’s has worked extensively in the Ottawa Valley wherein he was a Technician (for example) on the “Enwave” initiative involving the trenchless installation of 2.5 Km’s of 33” HDPE Pipe.

Scott has been fully Trained & Certified to operate all thermal fusion equipment (butt, socket, sidewall & electrofusion), cutting equipment, mobile transfer equipment and is well versed in all aspects of handling polyethylene.

Scott has always been a “hands on” guy and was originally trained as a Stone Mason but soon after an opportunity presented itself within the PE Fusion Industry and the rest is history. Scott has two beautiful children and he loves being outdoors, which is perfect fit for his new home in North Bay Ontario. Whether it’s fishing in the summer, or hunting once the snow hits the ground Scott will enjoy this beautiful community.

We are very excited to have him join our team, and look forward to a long and bright future together. Please join us in welcoming Scott to the RPI family!

Please do not hesitate to contact Rahn Plastics Inc. for all of your PE Fabricated Fittings needs through 24” DIPS.