Rahn Plastics Inc. Market Investments – see news!

Hi everyone,

We hope and trust that your September is going as well as ours is thanks to you. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Very quickly, we wanted to tell you about some things that we are doing as a Company to re-invest in ourselves but primarily to offer more VALUE to our North American customer base…stay tuned to our website (www.rahnplastics.com) for further developments! Please note that you can also follow us on Linked In!

• We know that you are aware of our Electrofusion Couplings from ½” CTS – 48” IPS…BUT we ALSO stock & sell an EF Processor that is second to NONE in our North American industry! Capable of retaining thousands of fusions in memory (downloadable to USB/thumb drive), GPS capability is available, unit weight is FAR less than most (or all of) our competitors boxes WITHOUT sacrificing a robust & sturdy design, GUN barcode scan technology and MUCH MORE!
• Scroll through the pictures on our website and see how we are constantly updating & re-investing in our beautiful North Bay property.
o The past 24 months have been spent dutifully re-branding, expanding on our capabilities & updating both our Sales office & equipment. In addition we have welcomed MANY Visitors throughout the process…yes, of course you are WELCOME to come and see us in beautiful North Bay, Ontario anytime…just give us a call to set it up in advance.
 Are you a Hunter or a Fisherman…or perhaps a snowmobiler?? There is no place like North Bay Ontario CANADA! Come & see us!
• Have you heard the rumor that there may be some new RPI RED product developments on the way? Hmmm…nobody is talking but usually “where there is smoke, there is FIRE!” Stay tuned!
• As we speak, RPI is VERY excited to tell you that our Fabrication initiative continues to develop positively every single day. We are extremely excited to be re-investing in our collective market growth and this is just one more way that we can represent more value for you: our North American Partners.
o Can’t build it? Can’t find it? Can’t get it fast enough? Why not give us a call and see if we can help you…I bet we can.
• Canadian GAS Industry: “…did you know that RPI builds a FULLY integrated EFV Tapping Tee for gas services?”
o Interested? We thought you would be…HUGE savings…just ask us about it!
• IF you have been using our RPI Rewards Program…a quick 2014 YTD calculation will clearly illustrate that your loyalty to Rahn Plastics yields immediate ROI for your company. If you haven’t been using the program…well, you have to ask yourself why wouldn’t you? None of our competitors offer this type of program…so it’s our exclusive way of tangibly thanking you for coming to us time and again. We don’t just say it…we show it.

Have a great week and ENJOY RPI’s friendly 2% discount in September 2014 – just for being our North American customer!! Thanks again for your continued support and loyalty to Rahn Plastics Inc.

Best Regards,

Jeoff Lennox
Vice President – Sales & Marketing