PROUDLY Canadian and PROUDLY North American!

Hi everyone,

Unbelievably…November is ALMOST here…Wow! Our group at *RPI wants to wish you & your families/friends a very Happy & SAFE Halloween season. As November comes in, and Veterans Day (our Remembrance Day) approaches, we want our American friends to know that we greatly value & sincerely appreciate your FANTASTIC support of all Canadians from Coast to Coast. The tributes that were done throughout America in honor of our Canadian Soldiers who recently lost their lives or were injured by acts of Terrorism were a great reminder of the solidarity between our two great Nations. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.

Have you been putting “all of the pieces” of the *RPI puzzle in place as we collectively go along? If you have, you know that a big part of our strategic plans here at Rahn Plastics Inc is centred around industry appropriate DIVERSITY. We want to become a bigger part of the solution for your group and that is exactly what is happening…day by day…in a controlled and methodical way. In case you missed it, here are some things that have either already happened or are being developed as we speak…

• You are well aware that we are currently offering electrofusion couplings from 2” – 48” IPS…but did you know that (by end of January 2015) we will be offering Electrofusion Saddle Fittings in various sizes & pressures ratings! Keep those inquiries coming…and if we can help you develop your *RPI SPEC work, we are happy to do it.
• We already offer a top notch electrofusion processor that is lightweight, robust & answers all of your application needs…give us a call and we can send you pricing. Did you know that by end of February 2015 we will be introducing a REPAIR & MAINTENANCE bench program that is 2nd to NONE in our industry…let us help you so that YOUR customer is NEVER waiting.
• By end of 1st quarter 2015, as a service designed specifically for you (whether you are a current Fabricator or a Distributor), RPI will have GREATLY expanded our in-house fabrication capabilities…and don’t forget that FM Approvals will follow soon thereafter. Give us a call to find out how we can become better Partners in your North American market(s). Let’s build a TEAM PLAN to help you service your area’s better…
• We are diligently working on plans to EXPAND our equipment fleet & improve/update our in-house Quality Control Lab. As you know, Quality Management has ALWAYS been a MAJOR priority for Rahn Plastics BUT we are now investing in our future in a way that we never have before! TRUST us, RPI has both eyes on the ball.
• Visit us often here at and/or follow us on Linked In!

Thank you all sincerely for your continued support of Rahn Plastics Inc…we are PROUDLY Canadian and PROUDLY North American…we want to help you develop strategically and profitably.

Best Regards,

Jeoff Lennox
Vice President – Sales & Marketing